Public Finance

Intesa Sanpaolo offers solutions for all actors, both public and private, which collaborate in the creation of major infrastructures and the improvement of public services.

To promote the economic growth and development of the country, Intesa Sanpaolo has six main areas of intervention:

  • credit for infrastructure projects
  • support for the health system, universities and academic research
  • improvement of public services
  • backing financial stability of the Public Administration
  • financing urban development projects and area enhancement
  • innovation of complex administration procedures to simplify banking operations for public bodies and companies.

Intesa Sanpaolo stands out for its integrated management of the entire chain of interaction between the Public and Private sector, through a complete package of traditional and innovative financial services ranging from commercial banking to investment banking.

Excellence in customer service is assured by team of highly qualified professionals who provide concrete solutions to the specific and expanding needs of the sector:

  • financing and consultancy for clients in terms of the different local circumstances
  • organisation and financing, in the form of project financing, of projects for the creation of infrastructures, public works or public services
  • structuring specific mid- to long-term products, subsidised credit, real estate leasing for the public administration, and specialised factoring
  • engineering and financial innovation for the renegotiation and direct management of the debt of local government entities.