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Trade Finance

With a range of proven products that conform to international standards, regulations and practice, Trade Services aims to meet the financial needs of the production and trade cycle, such as the mitigation or elimination of the typical risks of foreign trade (credit risk, political risk, exchange, order withdrawal, transport, etc.), sales or purchases financing, performance guarantee or receipt of payments.

Intesa Sanpaolo works with over 2.000 Financial Institutions worldwide.

Intesa Sanpaolo offers to the Correspondant Banks a range of specialized and complete products, from the account management to the traditional Trade Finance (confirmation and notification of letters of credit) and to treasury proposals, including a more structured offer depending on the characteristics of the country and the bank.


Trade Services includes:

  • domestic and international guarantees
  • documentary credits (import/export)
    • confirmation and notification of letters of credit issued by Financial Institutions
    • disinvestment of commitments deriving from the use of letters of credit (with and without confirmation, in the short and medium-long term)
    • disinvestment of deferred payment commitments deriving from the use of import letters of credit issued by Group branches or banks or other Banks
  • Stand-by letters of credit
  • disinvestment of deferred payment commitments in the short and medium-long term, represented by guarantees and Stand-by letters of credit
  • documentary remittance (import/export)
  • disinvestment of short-term and medium-long term bills of exchange, endorsed by foreign banks or assisted by distincted bank guarantees.

With Inbiz, Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s new platform for Corporate Internet Banking, traditional Trade products can now be managed innovatively, making Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s proposal unique on the international market.


Intesa Sanpaolo is capable of supporting companies that want to grow into new markets, thanks also to contracts for turnkey goods and/or services supply, and to the multiple solutions of Trade & Structured Export Finance.

The main products of Trade Finance are:

  • buyers’ credits for banks and foreign companies assisted by the insurance coverage of an Export Credit Agencies (SACE, Hermes, BPIFrance, etc).
  • commercial loans to finance the anticipated fees and/or local expenses
  • discounting promissory notes, in the short and medium-long term, with assumption of corporate risk, possibly assisted by transferrable SACE policy
  • pre export finance and purchase agreements for commodities/goods
  • operations of inventory financing and borrowing base, in order to guarantee the producer working capital
  • trade facilitations program with Multilateral Development Banks.