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Securities Services

Intesa Sanpaolo offers a wide range of innovative and customized solutions integrated in custody, securities administration, settlement and clearing of the operations, with a long tradition of customer service and the ability to handle significant volumes.


Intesa Sanpaolo manages the entire post trading process.

Thanks to its role as a specialized provider of clearing and settlement solutions for OTC and On-exchange activities and thanks to the direct participation in the CCPs and CSDs or to agreements with leading strategic players in the reference countries, Intesa Sanpaolo meets the needs of its institutional clients through a dedicated offer on the domestic and international markets.

Intesa Sanpaolo is General Participant in Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia – the Italian CCP – for equities and bond sections and Direct Participant (DCP) in T2S for the Italian and German markets.

The offered advantages:

  • Standing orders (customized deadlines, settlements with same-day cash, conditional/circular transactions, partial settlements)
  • position clearing routines (“self instruction” tools, flexible formats for order aggregation and personalized booking models)
  • flexible pricing structures for service (booking, counter-value, settlement, positions clearing)
  • reconciliation of transactions captured from the market
  • agreements on various levels General Clearing Member/Non-Clearing Member/Settlement agent.

Intesa Sanpaolo, thanks to its close collaboration with Banca IMI, offers also the possibility to further customize the following services:

  • securities lending (Sd-1/ Sd, automatic fail coverage, automatic entry of securities, most efficient settlement rates)
  • cash management (communications/telephone notice trends, real-time information on Internet, automatic e-mail, benchmarking to market rates)
  • risk monitoring
  • margin management
  • auction settlement and realignment tools.


Intesa Sanpaolo offers clearing services to institutional clients who operate on national and international derivatives markets, directly, through Banca IMI, the Bank broker, or other brokers.

These services are organized and managed by an operations unit and dedicated back office, allowing Clients to interact with a single contact point.

Advanced tools and custom reporting are provided.

The advantages offered:
• clearing services of equity derivatives operations
• securities and cash accounts management to ensure operability/to calculate margins
• solutions for handling international give up agreements.


Through the activities of its investment bank Banca IMI, Intesa Sanpaolo is able to offer complete service to its own clients, from trading to post trading, to custody and securities administration.

Thanks to the high level of integration between the activities of the Group companies, the process of post trading is STP and translates into an ‘integrated custody’ with obvious commercial benefits and operations risk management; this allows the client to delegate to the broker the sending of settlement instructions to the settlement agent.

Intesa Sanpaolo offers to Banks, investment companies, mediators, Insurance Companies, Foundations, Asset Management societies and other institutional Clients both in the domestic and international markets, a range of innovative products and solutions.


Intesa Sanpaolo offers a wide range of innovative and customized solutions integrated in custody, securities administration, settlement and clearing of the operations, with a long tradition of customer service and the ability to handle significant volumes.

Services and strengths:

  • specialised operations and relationship staff thanks to solid skills gained in the Italian and international markets; strong expertise in client service for settlement and CA activities
  • legal resources to support the activities of securities services
  • use of advanced CRM systems for managing and tracking enquiries
  • flexibility in the definition of the structure of securities deposits and cash accounts
  • coverage of foreign markets with dedicated resources to manage the network of sub-depositaries
  • corporate operations management
  • managing meetings and all the activities linked to them
  • timely and complete information and reporting services on dividends, coupons, refunds and corporate events; specific reports on securities held in custody
  • tax services – customer support management of taxation on different markets (relief at source and refund)
  • market intelligence services: information on the major market news with impact on the activities of securities services
  • flexibility in developing customized solutions (specific structures for managing standing instructions, report customization, etc.)
  • management and monitoring of the entire settlement process, pro-active management of customer issues and efficient processing with same-day turnaround
  • real-time communication of status updates of settlement operations
  • technologically advanced solutions: complete automation of securities settlement systems, totally integrated in the operating platforms
  • STP communication tools (Swift, dedicated web portal, host-to-host links)
  • pooling system, together with efficient operations deadline. Liquidity forecast services
  • fail Coverage in main markets in close collaboration with Banca IMI
  • Innovative business models such as the ‘operator service’, dedicated to brokers with direct access to the market and to local depository.