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Cash Management


Intesa Sanpaolo offers the widest range of products and services to meet all your financial needs: solutions that differ in the level of customization and flexibility.


Intesa Sanpaolo has direct access to Euro clearing and settlement systems, both national and European (EBA Clearing and Target2).

This allows it to offer solutions for:

  • indirect participation in EBA STEP 1
  • indirect participation in EBA STEP 2 including SEPA services (SCT and SDD)
  • indirect access to the TARGET 2 platform
  • access to domestic payment systems and BI-COMP collection
  • indirect access to Instant Payment system (EBA RT1)

Intesa Sanpaolo strongly specializes in servicing institutional clients with a modular offer that is flexible and adaptable to the different needs of the client.

The advantages offered:

  • Management of most transactions internally within the bank’s systems, thanks to an extensive international presence.


Intesa Sanpaolo processes all types of Mass Payments, including those relating to pension funds, salaries, dividends or other recurring payments, with a wide range of options regarding payment methods.

Payments are managed automatically using the most suitable channel and supervised by dedicated staff. Clients can also use the internet to check the information and the status of each file and flow in the payment transmitted. It is no coincidence that Intesa Sanpaolo has been chosen by many public organizations (Government agencies, central banks and ministries) and private organizations around the world for managing salaries and pension payments.

The advantages offered:

  • customized conditions
  • dedicated customer services, including a help desk for beneficiaries
  • real-time reports for direct monitoring of reconciliation of flows.


The Group’s foreign subsidiary network provides an efficient and accurate service of “multi-currency clearing” including the following currencies and entities:

  • HRK Clearing Privredna Banka Zagreb
  • CZK Clearing VUB Banka, Prague
  • RON Clearing Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania
  • RSD Clearing Banca Intesa Beograd
  • HUF Clearing CIB Bank.


Intesa Sanpaolo numbers among the main clearing banks and as such offers its correspondents a fast, accurate and flexible service to handle cashing cheques payable in Italy. Intesa Sanpaolo has developed a cutting edge system for processing cheques and traveller’s checks denominated in Euro, supported by staff dedicated to customer service.

The advantages offered:

  • reduced risk of fraud
  • punctual transactions
  • reduced administrative costs


The banks and our client financial entities can offer their clients services of cashing checks and cash withdrawals (EURO and foreign currencies) using the branches of Intesa Sanpaolo and the Network Banks


In addition to a full-service report based on the Swift system for payments and securities, Intesa Sanpaolo has developed SetWeb, a unique application that can be used anywhere via the internet to meet the needs of institutional clients for managing orders and reporting.

The available services both for securities accounts and liquidity accounts include:

  • electronic transmission of payment orders and securities settlement orders, both single and multiple
  • consultation of updated and historical data regarding the balance and account transactions
  • detailed descriptions of all payments and transactions for each individual security within a specific time interval
  • updated information on trends and corporate performance
  • real-time inquiries on the status of payments made, including the histories, and settlement orders
  • sending detailed reports via email at predetermined times of the day
  • complete information on the structures of securities accounts and status reports on fiscal documentation
  • online FX modules for transactions in foreign currency.


All the billing details for securities and cash accounts, including details for debits and transactions, are available through SetWeb, the software that can be customised to suit your needs, with different user profiles.

Additionally, all reports produced on SetWeb can be printed or downloaded in electronic format.


Intesa Sanpaolo offers integrated solutions for the financial management of the leading Insurance and Consumer Credit Companies through customised agreements responding to the different Client requirements.

  • Managing flows for Cashing and bulk local, international and SEPA Payments
  • Multiple offers based on different types of Electronic Channels
  • Offer specialized in payments to Insurance Companies and Consumer Finance companies on a dedicated platform called PAES which provides: Issuance of Custom Bank Drafts with different ways of posting, Issuance of Bank Transfers payable to the beneficiary in all branches of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, Issuance of Bank Transfers with related dispatch of personalized receipt letters, Event reporting (cashing,unpaid,rebill,recall), Customizing the accompanying letters of cheques/bank transfers
  • Personalized issuance of Cheque Notifications (e.g. refunds of Life Premiums): provides for the exchange of a computerized flow that allows the Bank to verify certain data (amount of the cheque, cheque number, tax identification of the beneficiary) before proceeding to pay the cheque Vecon (Payment on agreement over the Bdt network) tool used by Insurance Agents for subsequent credit to the reference Companies
  • Concluding custom agreements for exchanging Bank Drafts at branches of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group (e.g., cheques paid against reimbursement of claims)
  • Cash Management: Cash Pooling agreements, International reporting agreements
  • Agreements for handling and Channelling of the Vehicle Certificates of Automobile Manufacturers to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group branches
  • Agreements for portfolio management of Exchange bills (e.g., Consumer Credit company).


Intesa Sanpaolo offers Easy Invoicing, an innovative service for managing invoices electronically that allows outsourcing the entire billing process to the Bank receivables and payables – and storage in accordance with the law.

Easy Invoicing allows:

  • acquiring invoices in the format chosen by the company
  • sending invoices with a procedure customized for the recipient (both electronically and by paper)
  • generating collection and payment arrangements
  • traceability of changes in invoice status
  • handling disputes/objections with a dedicated environment
  • electronic management of the file related to the invoice
  • preservation of invoices in accordance with the law, with its annexes and the books and accounting records
  • online document search.

All the activities and services offered include:

  • customized conditions: the conditions for all services are agreed with our Clients based on the activities actually managed
  • dedicated customer service, including customer services specialized in various issues, operated by highly qualified personnel.