Corporates and Industrial Groups Transaction Banking Cash Management
Cash Management

Designed to meet the different needs of customers in order to optimize the working capital and to rationalize treasury transactions.



  • a wide range of collection and national, international and SEPA payment tools accessible mainly through Inbiz, an innovative internet portal for Intesa Sanpaolo Group Corporate banking. Other electronic access channels to the bank, alongside Inbiz, enable custom configurations according to the client’s needs.
  • electronic account information, intraday and end-of-day
  • treasury services for intra-group liquidity management both at domestic and international scale, also with third-party banks, thanks to the existence of numerous bilateral agreements
  • Payment Factory Service, through a single, centralised engine that enables directing and transcoding with multi-country payment flows
  • collections services for virtual Vehicle Compliance Certificates.

Cash Management services are primarily provided through Inbiz, the new Corporate Internet Banking solution of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group that also offers the services of Trade and Factoring on the same platform.


For companies operating in Italy, Intesa Sanpaolo offers Easy Invoicing, an innovative service of electronic invoice management which through Inbiz allows outsourcing of the entire billing process to the Bank receivables and payables – and storage in accordance with the law. Intesa Sanpaolo is an institution authorized by DigitPA and Identrust to issue digital signing certificates as required by law for the execution of the service.

Easy Invoicing is an innovative and full service, adaptable to the needs of the enterprise and highly evolved. By assuming a portion of the administrative processes, it allows the company to redefine its organizational models and to focus activities on more strategic tasks. For companies of any size that manage a significant number of invoices issued or received and place particular attention on costs, this is the solution.


  • acquiring invoices in the format chosen by the company
  • sending invoices with a procedure customized for the recipient (electronically, on paper)
  • generating collection and payment arrangements
  • traceability of changes in invoice status
  • handling disputes/objections with a dedicated environment
  • electronic management of the file related to the invoice
  • preservation of invoices in accordance with the law, with its annexes and the books and accounting records
  • online document search.

With Easy Invoicing, the customer having a line of credit on advance invoices can submit an online request for an advance and thus optimize the process of credit access.